Tue. Sep 26th, 2023
Is It Okay To Use A Numbing Cream Before A Tattoo?

Is It Okay To Use A Numbing Cream Before A Tattoo?

While you’re getting your new ink, you may be wondering whether or not it’s safe to use tattoo numbing cream before undergoing the procedure. It can help make the experience as pain-free as possible, and the following benefits outweigh any potential risks. In addition to its potential to help ensure a pain-free experience, numbing creams can also be used as a pre-treatment for a tattoo.

Pain-free process:

You may wonder about the benefits of using numbing cream before undergoing tattooing. The answer is yes! The benefits of using numbing cream before tattooing are numerous, and many people swear by it. You can numb your skin at home by using a numbing cream or a vasoconstrictor spray. The numbing effect takes five to thirty minutes, but this time will vary based on the type of numbing cream you choose. It also depends on the thickness of your skin, as thicker skin takes longer to numb. You should also be careful not to leave the cream on your skin for too long, as some products can be irritating if your skin is already broken.


Some people are unsure about the safety of using numbing cream before getting a tattoo. The FDA disapproves of this practice and recommends only doctors use it. These doctors are well trained to know how to use the cream and are more likely to have adequate knowledge of the benefits and risks of this procedure. While many people feel better after using a numbing cream, there are side effects and risks that you should be aware of before using one.


If you’re getting inked on your body, you should try to apply numbing cream before the procedure. Applying it twenty to thirty minutes before the procedure will help you avoid the pain associated with needles. This cream won’t affect the outcome of the ink, but some tattoo artists prefer smooth, numb skin. In the end, it’s your decision whether you use numbing cream before your tattoo.

Side effects of numbing cream:

There are many different numbing creams available for tattoos, and the active ingredients should be understood before application. There are also general do’s and don’ts to follow. Among the most common side effects are hives, which can cause difficulty breathing and may even be deadly. It’s also important to discuss any medical history with your tattoo artist to avoid the worst possible outcome.