Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024
What are Google Ads Management Services?

What are Google Ads Management Services?


If you are looking for an advertising agency or a small business owner, you might be wondering what exactly Google Ads management services are. This guide will cover the basics, including Ad Group structure, Conversion tracking, Retargeting, and Bidding strategy. You’ll also learn about the Final URL. In addition to the basics, we’ll cover the nuances of bidding strategy and Conversion tracking.

Conversion tracking:

Google Ads conversion tracking is determining whether an ad click has resulted in a sale or an action such as installing a mobile app. Without conversion tracking, advertisers must guesstimate the ROI of their ads. Conversion tracking helps businesses track sales, app downloads, and phone calls resulting from an ad. Conversion tracking allows businesses to track their ROI and improve their campaigns.


Retargeting is a method of replaying your ad on other websites with similar content to yours. Unlike traditional display advertising, retargeting relies on cookies to identify site visitors. It uses information from the cookie to trigger an ad to appear on two million websites within the Google display network. The network reaches 90% of the worldwide internet population and includes millions of websites, news pages, and apps. You can also place the pixel tag on YouTube and social media sites.

Bidding strategy:

You can experiment with your bidding strategy using automated Google Ads management services. This will help you test different strategies without changing your budget or manually adjusting the bids. To test your bidding strategy, wait 15 days. That will give your strategy enough time to adjust itself. However, remember that the results you see may change depending on factors like holidays, weekends, special events, or even your competitors.

Final URL:

The Final URL is where users of your Google Ads management services will land when they click on an ad. This report will tell you which ads received the most engagement and converted best. It includes all metrics at the final URL level and only one row per final URL, which may vary depending on the number of segment fields you select. The report will not show you metrics for ad extensions. To view the report, you must have a tracking template.